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The Charming and Vibrant Resort Town of Hakuba

If you’re looking for a cosy destination with breathtaking views and amazing opportunities, look no further than the vibrant resort town of Hakuba.  

Hakuba is a tourist town that offers a luxurious experience for everyone, no matter their preferred activity. Winter athletes can challenge themselves at the Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium, which offers both 90- and 120-meter jumps. Those interested in history can marvel at the 16th-century Matsumoto Castle and visit the extraordinary Matsumoto City Museum next door, or visit the famed Zenkoji Temple, where the first image of Buddhas was brought to Japan.

Spring in Hakuba

Nature lovers can be amazed at Jigokutani Monkey Park, where about 200 macaques relish the hot springs, while art aficionados can soak up the culture and artifacts in Obuse. Foodies can indulge in top-quality restaurants with world-class chefs, such as Mimi’s, Sharaku, and Marillen. 

A Ski Lover’s Paradise

Hakuba is rich in history and culture, and recent development has reflected its artisan sensibilities, with the best of contemporary design created in concert with the town’s natural and cultural charms. When nearby city Nagano hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics, the snowy, mountainous Hakuba became famous for hosting the ski events.

View of the Hakuba valley

Since the 1988 Winter Olympics, the town has become a world-favourite destination for ski holidays. Although only 9,000 people live in Hakuba year-round, the town is visited by thousands of tourists during its 5-month ski season. 

Skiers of all skill levels can enjoy Hakuba’s stunning slopes of the Japanese Alps, as well as many cross-country options. The Nagano Winter Games took place at Happo-One, which is a vibrant resort area filled with restaurants, cafés, bars, and shopping. Other resorts include Hakuba Goryu, with slopes and courses for all skill levels, and Hakuba Cortina, for more advanced skiers. 

Hakuba has appealed to tourists from around the world who have discovered its many wonders. Many people own holiday homes or rental properties in Hakuba that help serve the town’s role as a delightful getaway, while restaurants and bars have opened to help skiers refuel after a day on the slopes. Eateries and bars celebrate Japan’s diverse cuisine and brewing culture, while shops and museums appeal to tourists interested in viewing or collecting beautiful artifacts. 

Hakuba is home to Japan’s largest alpine flower garden

Summer and the Green Season

Although the Hakuba Valley is most famous for its winter beauty, it has long been a beloved summer destination for both Japanese and overseas lovers of nature and traditional Japanese scenery. Alpine plants and flowers begin to bloom, and summer invites the hikers and trekkers to the 3,000-meter mountain tops. There are many outdoor activities to pursue in the Northern Alps, and when autumn arrives, viewing the brilliant autumnal foliage from an outdoor hot spring may be considered the highlight of the year for some.

For beginner hikers, easy trails can be safely reached by ski lift, which run all summer long at some resorts. No matter what your age or skill level, everyone can enjoy the beauty of the Northern Alps throughout the whole year.

Hikers enjoy spectacular views

Life in Hakuba

A variety of housing options have been developed in this destination town, including villas and lodges for ski tourists and luxurious, spacious homes for those relocating to the area. Hakuba has many delightful properties that can be purchased and rented to vacationers and tourists, or that could become your home for the holidays.

Despite its rural charm, Hakuba is easily accessible from Japan’s metropolitan areas, including Tokyo, by a variety of transportation modes. It’s also possible to fly into the Haneda or Narita Airports and take the train into the Hakuba Valley, making Hakuba a convenient and lovely destination whether you’re coming from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Bangkok, or Kuala Lumpur. 

Considering Hakuba’s ample growth in the past twenty years, it’s an excellent location for investment in a culturally rich, economically vibrant community.

For more information on Hakuba real estate and development, contact our professional real estate agents specialising in resort properties, today! 

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