Hakuba Winter Rentals

Hakuba Winter Rentals

With travel restrictions to many international destinations still in place, this is the perfect time to explore the best that Japan’s winter season has to offer in the ski resort of Hakuba.

Hakuba’s reputation as a premier ski destination is well justified. The village boasts eleven alpine resorts with runs suitable for beginners and all levels to expert (plus endless backcountry options), English-speaking ski schools and tour guides, many onsen hot springs to relax in and a gourmet restaurant scene. All this within easy access from Tokyo!

Resort Japan has partnered with the best accommodation providers in Hakuba to provide exclusive short-term rental packages. Book a short-stay from 1 week and experience the best of the Japanese Alps in true luxury in your private winter villa.

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Hakuba is a world-famous ski resort village situated in the heart of the Japanese Alps. Outside of the winter season, the small rural village adopts a slower pace, mostly locals-only during the week with a handful of city visitors on the weekends.

Activities are numerous: from SUP (stand up paddle) on crystal clear lakes, rafting, canoeing and kayaking, to the extensive climbing and trekking routes in the surrounding mountains. Hiking includes easy walks through fields of alpine flowers accessed from the Gondola station through to advanced and expert routes across the mountain traverses.

There are extensive mountain biking trails and the long, flat uncrowded roads up and down the valley are equally perfect for family cycling expeditions and the most avid road biker.

Gourmet Food

Although Hakuba is well known as a resort, its humble origins are in agriculture. Renting a villa allows plenty of time to explore the wide variety of local Hakuba produce, a highlight of living in the country. Fresh, locally grown vegetables and organic rice, local Sake, Matsuda Milk from the neighbouring village of Omachi and delicious Hakuba Pork and Shinshu Salmon. The Japan sea is only 50kms to the north and provides a ready source of fresh seafood.


Hakuba is easy to access from Tokyo — a 1.5-hour Shinkansen ride to Nagano station, from there it’s just a 1-hour drive to Hakuba — or drive direct in about 3.5 hours.

Enjoy Winter in Hakuba this year. There has never been a better time to appreciate the nature of the Japanese Alps. 

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